The Short Bio

Meg Mateo Ilasco is a writer, editor, designer, art director, and stylist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, she is a senior editor for Penguin Random House.

Her career includes years as an author and editor (including writing the bestselling book Craft Inc and developing the Inc series for Chronicle Books), and a creative director and co-founder of Anthology Magazine. She has served as a guest on radio programs including Martha Stewart Living Radio, After the Jump, and KPFA; served as a speaker at CCA, Alt Summit and EWIP; and received design awards from The Pasadena Museum of California Art, Print Magazine, and Western Publishing Association (Maggie Award).

A person that revels in change, her eponymous multidisciplinary studio allows her to move from design and styling work to writing about food and personality profiles for publications like Good Company and Cherry Bombe.

More about me

Born in Oakland, I’m a Filipina-American mother of two and a Navy “brat” who lived up and down the west coast. I also spent part of my childhood in Philippines, including kindergarten and first grade. In my formative years, I lived in Vallejo, California, a multicultural community with a large Filipino population. It shaped my taste in music, my outlook on the world, and my storytelling lens.

Most of my pursuits have been guided by this question: “What am I most curious about?” Take for example, my college years. At UCLA, I received a bachelor's in Psychology with specializations in Asian American Studies as well as Business Administration. After undergrad, I went on to pursue a graduate degree in Architecture also at UCLA. (I didn’t finish my M.Arch degree because I started a design business on the side that took off while I was still in school.)

I’m essentially the same person as I was back then: a curious, lifelong learner. These days I enjoy a myriad of creative projects, primarily ones that explore innovative storytelling, share diverse and authentic stories, and connect to multicultural audiences. I'm also interested in creating opportunities for women, immigrants, and people of color, particularly in the arts. My current personal project is a historical fiction novel.

 In nearly everything I do, whether written or visual projects, I enjoy bringing a storytelling sensibility. I like to work on projects that are at the intersection of art, history, and the vernacular—bridging forward-thinking concepts with ordinary, everyday life.